Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Benchmark Project Services was founded by our President, Chris Tulloch, to fill a gap in the market he identified.

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DATA CENTRE:  Build, Move and Upgrade
Whether you maintain your own data centres, or lease space in a colocation facility, your data centres are critical to your business operations. Any major work you do in that environment is akin to open heart surgery on a patient. 

It’s vital that you engage the right team to help you make changes to your data centre infrastructure. You need someone who’s been there, and done it successfully, multiple times!
Our Benchmark Project Services team has built, moved or upgraded 17 data centres around the world over two decades. We’ve never had an instance where business operations were disrupted outside the planned move window. 

We have the technical and project management expertise you need. Call us! 

Most IT-savvy organizations are moving to a cloud-first strategy for IT service delivery. The benefits of relying on experts to provide services, while freeing up your own resources to focus on your own business objectives are clear.

There are many delivery models for cloud services. Whether hosting servers and storage in a private cloud space like AWS or Azure, using serverless computing like AWS Lamda, or pure Software as a Service (SaaS), we have the expertise and experience you need to ensure seamless transition.

We can help you make the right choices when deciding how to implement your cloud-first strategy, as well as driving the change to cloud through effective project management.

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Many organizations make the mistake of thinking that moving to the cloud makes their IT services inherently more resilient. While this can be true, the reality is that you are vulnerable to network disruptions and data centre outages just as if you were hosting your services internally. The nature of the threat changes, not the threat itself.
It’s important that resilience, and the ability to recover from catastrophic events, is designed into the architecture of cloud services. It’s also vital to run through simulations of failure modes to demonstrate your services can continue, or recover quickly enough.
We have team members that understand Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery at expert level, who can assist you through this complex process.


Even in this digital age, your telephony systems, and especially your call centres, remain a critical communications path between you and your customers. People still expect to be able to pick up a telephone and talk to you.
Your employees need to be able to communicate effectively with each other, as well as vendors, whether using conventional telephony, or collaboration tools like Skype for Business.
We have many years of experience of replacing aging technologies with new, upgrading existing systems, and moving to a hosted service model. Whether you need help in choosing the right solution, or implementing a new or upgraded service, we have the expertise and experience you need to ensure success.
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Are your customers demanding a higher level of project capability and capacity to drive critical change initiatives? Are you struggling to add value to your clients because you can’t deliver the solutions they require? Does your organization require greater project transparency and manageability? 
Benchmark’s Program Management Competency Centre services help you ensure that critical initiatives deliver business results, reducing delivery risk through effective setup, management and controls 

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